WHY SUDAN? Alcoholism is epidemic in southern Sudan after 22 years of war and a shattered economy. WHY ME? In the Fall of 2005, I was hopelessly numbing out my pain with alcohol. On Dec. 27, 2005, in absolute desperation, I walked into an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. In January of 2006 I got to Step 3, "Give your life and will to God." Life hasn't been the same since. This June-August, I will share the Gospel of Jesus and alcoholism recovery to the men of Sudan.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Update: Praise and Prayer

Sorry these updates have been delayed. We only have a dial-up connection and many people need to contact their families. I will promise to be better about regular updates. I had posted a couple to a Facebook Prayer Group called "God Save Sudan" and I will post those will give you a background of our last couple of weeks here.

Love you all.


Dear friends and family-

Thank you for your prayers. We are safe and sound in Sudan and quickly falling in love with the people and country. The Sudanese are the most incredible people I've ever encountered. They are loving, generous and joyful.

For the last week, me and my translator have been walking through the stick and mud hut villages talking with alcoholics at their homes and at the moonshine stills (where people gather to drink and talk).

I tell them my story and invite them to come to the new group. We have talked to many people and every single person has been willing to attend our newly forming recovery group...even the brewers come to listen and ask if they can hear our story and attend the meeting! The word is spreading and we have people coming to find us to tell them about this healing they can receive from Jesus to be freed from alcoholism.

Our first meeting will be Monday at 3pm and will probably last for hours. We will hold meetings daily and First Baptist Church of Kajo Keji has offered us the use of their building. My translator has been sober for 4 days now and has already completed 3 of the 12 steps.

Please pray for our new group, for the first meeting, for God to raise up Sudanese leaders for the recovery group, and for God to deliver the following people from alcoholism: Moses, Joseph, Scopas, Kenny, Big Kenny, John, Peter, Cecilia, Rose, Akidu, Robinson, Alex, Julius and the others we will meet in the next few days. I pray that God will be glorified by the change that the community will see in the lives of these brewers, fighters, and seemingly hopeless cases. God alone can save them and He will.

Thank you for your prayers - God hears them and is acting in mighty ways here. I am AMAZED at the favor and response we are's kind of surreal.

Love you all. And I'll try to send another update in a week or so.



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