WHY SUDAN? Alcoholism is epidemic in southern Sudan after 22 years of war and a shattered economy. WHY ME? In the Fall of 2005, I was hopelessly numbing out my pain with alcohol. On Dec. 27, 2005, in absolute desperation, I walked into an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. In January of 2006 I got to Step 3, "Give your life and will to God." Life hasn't been the same since. This June-August, I will share the Gospel of Jesus and alcoholism recovery to the men of Sudan.

Monday, July 20, 2009


A La Carte

Thank you all for your faithful prayers.

The last few days have been hard. Found two of our members drunk by 10:30am on Friday and only 7 people came the last two days. Praying that Monday's attendance will be up. The drought and famine are hard this year and it's creating pain and desperation.

As I jogged at sunset tonight, I ran by the white concrete markers posted by the landmine removal crews that left in June showing that the land has been finally cleared, saw multiple AK-47 rifle shells still on the ground as a constant reminder of the war, heard the crunching of sun-scorched corn stalks that won't yield food as people walked through them and went by children and women carrying jugs of water for miles to their homes from the nearest clean water well.

There's a lot listed below - please pray for whoever grabs your heart.

Rain - Drought here means NO food. The mud is cracking it's so dry. It's clear in the bible that rain is from God. God, send rain.

Michael - HIV/AIDS +, in a lot of pain b/c of his sinuses, hungry for bible knowledge, struggles hard to stay sober each day - he's been alcoholic for almost 15 years - God will have to deliver this man if it's going to happen.

Old Michael - Drank the local moonshine for one year and is probably 80% blind now. Pray for his sight to be restored.

Mary Tamalo - the precious little 85 lb-er that had the demon leave her. She is the most joyful person. Pray for her to get a job, food and continue in her journey w/ the Lord.

Rose - was raped, lost a baby, just getting over typhoid and malaria. pray for her financial situation and health

Akudi - pray for her son, Ivan - he's been sick for 2 weeks and she's really suffering and out of money b/c of treatments for him.

Alex Jame - prodigal Christian gone muslim and now back to the faith after years of alcoholism. Considering full time ministry or a new job. Pray for safe return from Juba and reconciliation with Selena, his wife.

Rafael - old boxer and soldier who is 8 days sober today - multiple decade alcoholic, but is really doing amazing things - he's the local electrician and isn't going back to his hometown in Moyo, Uganda until he finishes the 12 steps. He wants to start a Rapha group in Uganda - pray he will and God will bless it.

Kenny Simon - my faithful translator - one month+ sober - pray for longterm work in ministry opportunity and continued strength - he hasn't had a day off in a month.

Old Scopas - owner of a drinking place and desires to quit the life, but wont come to the meeting - pray God will turn his heart.

The Chief - alcoholic and local leader of the Kuku tribe - same trouble as above - always promising/ never coming.

Rapha Kajo Keji - I'll be leaving them in 3 weeks and then they'll be self-led. Pray for God to guide them, leaders to be raised up and the group to continue to grow in an evangelistic way among the drunks.

Henry - sweet 70 year old soldier who lost every single member of his family and has no home. He sleeps outside and cries when it rains. Pray for someone to take him in and provide meals for him.

Moses Kiriasuke - almost one month sober and his wife tried to commit suicide right when he started the group - pray for their mutual growth and reconciliation.

Rose Kiden and Mary Tamalo - reconciliation - there is some sexual sin that involved a common man in the family and it has created bad blood - pray for them to be good sisters in Christ to eachother and for forgiveness.

Joseph Lo - old soldier who lives across the street from a drinking place and many drunks sleep at his hut each night - pray he'll either be strong or find a new place

Pray that the drinking places and brewers in Kajo Keji Sudan would be shut down and go out of business and that their owners would come into the body of CHrist.

Jobs for all members.

Health for our members' children - Ivan, ivan, Nancy (cries always), aristarcus, Rebecca, Wannie, Hope, Cornerstone

Holly Lungren and Rose and Alia - doing women's ministry now - pray for women to grow, put their faith in Christ and for accurate translation

Microfinance/Internet Cafe/Vocational School - pray for the logistical roadblocks to be removed so that these people can be developed in careers, learning and hope.

Jackson and Balerie in Wudu, Sudan - started coming, but have been gone now for a week - concerned about their state.

Chaplain Jego - promised to come, but never showed - needs help badly for alc recovery.

Singer Rose - needs a job and food and relationships restored

Rapha Kajo Keji needs to learn their bibles and how to pray - we're teaching them, but they need growth and confidence

Emmanuel - pray for his shop's business and his continued strength and involvement in the church - he's the member who now leads worship.

Julius and Mogga Moses - pray they'll continue to get good jobs and become leaders for Rapha

Limi Jackson - pray his sight would be fully restored, possibly seminary candidate and for work. Rides his bike an hour each day for our group meeting - one way and then back an hour.

Santa - she's the precious recovered addict who cares for the church grounds and attends Rapha - she loves well, but has three kids and little help for herself. She's a joyful servant.


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